Test site for notifications

Thank you for helping me test this web application. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Add this web page to your phone's home screen. There should be an option to do this in the sharing menu. On iPhones this usually looks like an arrow pointing up out of a box.
  2. Open the bookmark (it should look like a red square) that was added to your phone's home screen
  3. Press the 'subscribe' button
  4. If asked, agree to receiving notifications

I should receive a code from your phone, and I'll be able to send a notification. This won't affect anything else on your phone and you can remove the bookmark from your phone at any time, which will stop any further notifications. The only information about you I can see is a unique ID generated by your web browser. When you delete the bookmark from your home screen, this unique id will no longer be linked to you or your phone.

Press this button after adding the web page as a home screen bookmark